Rueda De Casino

Rueda de Casino, loosely translated means “Casino wheel”, is a style of dance that has its origin in Cuba in the middle of the 20th Century. The characteristics of this dance are that firstly, it must be danced by at least 2 couples forming a circle and secondly, one person “the caller” calls/sings or signals a choreographed move or figure that they all perform in synchrony. There are hundreds of figures, some universal and some unique to specific groups, most of their names and in Spanish or “Spanglish”. It is very popular both in Cuba and outside of Cuba and it is very energetic and a lot of fun. In Cuba, it is very competitive and there are competitions all over the island throughout the year, with the best groups often travelling overseas to show their intricate choreographies. There are now many international competitions and we have a national competition in Sydney every year. There is also an international flashmob performance every year and we have been part of it since 2014. It is nowdays danced to mostly Salsa and Timba rhytms but originally it was son montuno , guaracha and cha cha cha, We teach tree levels and everyone is welcome to level 1 or beginners. Most of the moves you will learn are basic to the Cuban Style dance vocabulary and can be applied on social dancing when dancing with a partner.