Salsa is the most played and famous of all Latin dance genres. Salsa is played and danced across the World, however, its origin is Cuban music mixed with influences from many other Spanish-speaking countries from the Caribbean coast, like Puerto Rico, Colombia and Venezuela. Back in the 1950’s when many Spanish-speaking musicians migrated to New York the rhythm was born and the new name was given for marketing purposes. Salsa was then exported all over the Spanish speaking areas of America and its popularity has kept it going strong till this day. The record company responsible for this name and popularity was called FANIA records, and many of the good old classics can still be found under their label even though they no longer exist.

Salsa follows the 4×4 pattern and it is a partner dance, with one person leading and one following. Salsa can also be danced on different timings, that is, starting on the first beat of the music or on the second beat, both are acceptable but not compatible. We dance and teach on the first beat of the music.